PEARLS Trainers

Mark Snowden, MD, MPH
Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of Washington School of Medicine, Medical Director, Geriatric Psychiatry Services, Harborview Medical Center, Faculty, CHAMMP, Harborview Medical Center

Dr. Snowden is an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Washington School of Medicine. He is the Medical Director of the Geriatric Psychiatry Services and on the faculty of CHAMMP at Harborview Medical Center. Dr. Snowden supervises PEARLS counselors and leads research on improving PEARLS implementation and dissemination.

Stacy Shaw Welch, PhD
Director & Co-Founder, Evidence-Based Treatment Centers of Seattle Courtesy Clinical Faculty, Department of Psychology, University of Washington

Dr. Welch is a clinical faculty member of the University of Washington Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, as well as the Department of Psychology. She is also a co-founder and Director of the Evidence Based Treatment Centers of Seattle (EBTCS), an outpatient mental health and wellness center serving a diverse population of approximately 300 clients. Dr. Welch has a longstanding interest in evidence-based treatments for depression and anxiety. She is currently part of a research project at the UW focused on bringing mental health treatments that work into primary care settings, particularly for disadvantaged and underserved populations. She has also participated in research focused on depression for seniors. Prior to her work at the UW, she was at Emory University Medical Center, where she researched depression in older adults. She wrote a cognitive-behavioral treatment manual for depressed seniors who had recently had heart attacks, and trained and supervised therapists who delivered in-home treatment to these individuals.

Carl Kaiser, MSW
PEARLS Counselor, Department of Human Services, Division of Aging and Disability Services, City of Seattle

Mr. Kaiser received a BS degree in Psychology from the University of Washington in 1978 and a Master of Social Work from Ariona State University in 1984. As a case manager at ADS since 1998, he has assessed elderly and disabled adults in their homes to determine what services and supports are needed for them to continue living independently in their homes. In 1999 the city entered into a partnership with the University of Washington Health Promotion Research Center to test the PEARLS (Program to Encourage Active Rewarding Lives for Seniors); a depression management counseling model. Carl worked as a PEARLS problem solving interventionist throughout the four years of the study. Since the technique was found to be successful, the City of Seattle adopted depression management counseling as a component of Chronic Disease Manaement program and Mr. Kaiser has helped estabilish a PEARLS counseling program as a service option for ADS clients experiencing minor depression along with other chronic health problems. 

Previously Mr. Kaiser has worked in the mental health field as an emergency services counselor for a community mental health program and later directed mental health services to residents of a large group home and community support program. In addition, he has worked in the child and family services fielt and helped establish a crisis residential center to provide temporary shelter for teens in conflict with their parents.

Tom Humphreys, MA, LMHC
Geriatric Mental Health Counselor, Evergreen Healthcare

Mr. Humphreys is a geriatric mental health counselor with Evergreen Healthcare on the Geriatric Regional Assessment Team (GRAT), conducting mental/cognitive health assessments for geriatric clients in crisis. Previously, Mr. Humphreys worked for Evergreen in their In-Home Mental Health program, providing in-home mental health treatment and case management to homebound clients. It was in this capacity that he participated in a two-year research study as a PEARLS coach/interventionist for clients with epilepsy. The study, under Dr. Ciechanowski, validated the efficacy of the PEARLS approach with this client group. Mr. Humphreys has over 20 years in human services as a psychotherapist and case manager, serving a broad and diverse assortment of client groups.

Eddie Edmondson, LICSW
Trainer, Innovation Learning, CoMotion, University of Washington

Mr. Edmondson combines a broad clinical background with strong training skills.   Mr. Edmondson has used Motivational Interviewing in his clinical practice in several different settings - research studies, psychotherapy, and case management. He has been a co-trainer for Motivational Interviewing: Quick and Effective Tools for Clinicians since 2010. He researched, developed, and implemented MI-based HIV prevention interventions for projects at the University of Washington School of Social Work and Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences. He has also taken research project materials and distilled them into easily understood training materials for several projects, including PEARLS, Coordinated Anxiety Learning and Management (CALM) and TEAMcare. Mr. Edmondson has over 20 years of clinical experience as a trainer/presenter, psychotherapist, case manager, program interventionist, and supervisor. He has worked in community mental health, research and community-based social service settings, while also maintaining a private practice. Mr. Edmondson was part of the clinical team that developed relationship workshops for gay and lesbian couples at The Gottman Institute, as well as being a workshop co-presenter. He has been giving trainings and clinical presentations since 1994.