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We conduct several in-person training sessions throughout the year in Seattle, Washington. Please check our schedule for future PEARLS Training sessions.The two-day PEARLS Training is designed to equip all members of a PEARLS team – including both counselors and administrators – to implement the PEARLS Program successfully in their organization. To date, over 300 individuals from over 70 community-based agencies around the country have participated in PEARLS Trainings.

The researchers and clinicians who developed the PEARLS Program and have implemented it successfully in real-world settings are the same people who lead the PEARLS Training. Training is taught by an ensemble of trainers and includes a dynamic balance of didactic instruction, demonstration sessions, group discussion and practice exercises. All participants receive the PEARLS Training Workbook and are guided through its contents during the Training. We offer an electronic copy of the PEARLS Toolkit. However, it is only through in-depth conceptual explanations, skill building and in-person constructive feedback from PEARLS experts during the interactive elements of PEARLS Training that individuals can become proficient in conducting the PEARLS Program.

The researchers and clinicians who developed the PEARLS Program and have implemented it successfully in real-world settings are the same people who lead the PEARLS Training.

Individuals who plan to serve as PEARLS counselors receive the greatest degree and depth of training, since they work directly with clients in the home setting. Additional groups that are instrumental to successful implementation within an agency and have benefited from PEARLS training include: an organizational leader (administrator), the PEARLS manager, case managers (who are not also serving as PEARLS counselors) and a data coordinator. See Getting Started: Building the Team for a description of each of these roles.

On-Site Training


Want to train a large number of staff? Can't make it to Seattle? We can bring the PEARLS training to your location. Download the flyer for more information.


We also now offer an online training course!  This is a great tool for getting familiar with PEARLS before a full training or to brush up on the information covered within the full training.

Professional Credit (Optional)

The UW School of Social Work is accredited as a provider of continuing education for licenses social workers, psychologists, mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, and chemical dependency counselors in the State of Washington, which is accepted in most states.

Application forms are available at the training. You may submit this form to Training Xchange on-site at the training. 


Training in the PEARLS program is currently administered by Training Xchange, a program of the Center for Commercialization (C4C) at the University of Washington in Seattle. Training Xchange  helps researchers disseminate their interventions, programs, and/or tools and increase the visibility of their research findings. It also offers practicing professionals a way to learn these evidence-based programs through a range of engaging, active, and unique training options. Trainings focus on practical skill development and program implementation in ready-to-use formats that lead to real change. Training Xchange bridges the gap between researchers and front-line users who provide services. Utilizing adult learning techniques, the highly interactive trainings at Training Xchange focus on tangible skills and practical knowledge that trainees can immediately use.