Aligning the PEARLS Program with Your Organizational Mission

Successful implementation of the PEARLS Program starts with a thoughtful, deliberate process to determine that implementing the Program is the right thing for your organization. Implementing the PEARLS Program will require cooperation and collaboration from all levels of an organization to ensure that all components of the Program are executed effectively. All parties must be equally informed about data and decisions supporting the need for the PEARLS Program, and they must all be motivated to address that need.

Clearly identifying an implementation management point person or team is crucial for successful implementation of the PEARLS Program.

A first step in deciding to implement the PEARLS Program is to determine how well it fits with the mission of one’s organization. Commonly recognized organizational mission priorities that support the decision to adopt the PEARLS Program include being concerned with:

  • Maximizing overall health, which includes emotional health
  • Focusing on the most common problems of the target population
  • Empowering clients to direct their own recovery

As a part of overall health, meeting the mental health needs of patients will be important to many healthcare organizations that do not necessarily see themselves as mental health providers. This is a particularly powerful argument when the potentially large prevalence of depression in an organization’s population can be identified. Moreover, the PEARLS Program is unique as a mental health counseling program because it strives to empower clients to direct their own recovery by learning skills that can be used well beyond the acute treatment phase.