Creating a PEARLS Infrastructure

Patient Tracking

You will obtain program data about PEARLS participants through communication with the PEARLS counselor(s). We encourage you to set up a process in which counselors know how often and in what format to send you information about participants. This way, you can receive these data on a regular basis and in time for monthly reports. In some settings, this status information may be entered into your computer system and be readily available to you.

Following is a listing of the types of program data you will want to track and report:
  • Depression screen positive
  • Referral
  • Ineligible
  • Declined Program Participation
  • Enrolled
  • Disenrolled
  • In-Person Sessions
  • Follow-Up Phone Sessions
  • Total Active Cases
  • Completed Program
Patient Tracking is discussed further in the PEARLS Toolkit.