Creating a PEARLS Infrastructure

Data Management

The management and reporting of data from PEARLS recruitment and sessions are important to program success. The data inform your organization about the number of clients who benefit from PEARLS, and about the impact of the PEARLS program on the participants’ lives. Management and reporting of this data can help you assess the ongoing effectiveness of the program in your setting; a demonstrated positive impact of PEARLS can help your organization obtain funding for program continuation and expansion. Ongoing analysis of program data may also play a role in assessing the impact of PEARLS on a statewide level.

Your organization will need a system to collect and manage PEARLS program and outcome data. Ideally, you can incorporate the relevant PEARLS data into your existing client or program database. If programming resources are limited, you can use a simple spreadsheet to track PEARLS data.

Data Management is discussed further in the PEARLS Toolkit.